Our vision for a future city begins with you...

How do you see it?


Our Future Cities is a space to ask questions, challenge convention and wonder what a brighter urban future could be.  

It’s often those with years of industry experience who are tasked with finding solutions for our cities. But what if we could broaden the dialogue? Our inaugural program will expand the sources where new ideas can be found. We’ll give a wide range of voices a chance to contribute and influence the decisions that shape our cities. 


Public Seminar

Join in discussion with those shaping Melbourne’s Future.

• Everyone's welcome
• Free to attend
• Spaces are limited!


Student Competition

Apply lessons learnt and develop skills, knowledge and experience to shape our cities of tomorrow. Sign up as a team or individual.

• $7K prize!
• Free to enter
• Gain real world experience and networks
• Contribute to the future of Melbourne