Our vision for a future city begins with you...

How do you see it?


Our Future Cities is a space to ask questions, challenge convention and wonder what a brighter urban future could be.  

It’s often those with years of industry experience who are tasked with finding solutions for our cities. But what if we could broaden the dialogue? Our inaugural program will expand the sources where new ideas can be found. We’ll give a wide range of voices a chance to contribute and influence the decisions that shape our cities. 


What’s Happening at OFC?

After a huge year kicking off our public seminar series and student competition we are looking to rally the troops (and funds!) to build on our momentum, disrupt further and dive deeper into Our Future Cities!

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We are excited to work with individuals and organisations looking to tackle the status quo and deliver better outcomes for our future cities.

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If you have a city shaping site, project or event planned - we want to hear from you.

In the Media

OFC premiered a short film at the 2018 Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA)!!!

The short was screened alongside two feature films, The Experimental City and Bird of Prey.

During one session, our very own Dr Paul Satur joined a panel conversation with Valli Morphett (CEO CoDesign Studio), Dr Tanja Beer (Academic Fellow in Performance Design and Sustainability) and A/Prof Wendy Steele (RMIT University) exploring the future of our cities.

Public Seminars

In 2018 Our Future Cities held a four-part public seminar series. We heard from those currently leading the way in shaping sustainable, liveable, socially just and resilient future cities.

From indigenous values to urban forestry, from water sensitive cities to active transport, from urban planning to climate resilience - participants were encouraged to question how to make our cities better.

  • How do we ensure thriving, healthy and enjoyable environments for our cities?

  • How do we create cities that connect, inspire and empower for action?

  • How do we foster resilience and intergenerational equity in our cities?

  • KEEPING IT REAL! Why innovation and interdisciplinary practices are crucial for transforming our future cities?


Student Competition

In 2018 Our Future Cities also hosted an exciting interdisciplinary design competition.

Students from all fields of study and all Victorian universities were invited to complete for $7,000 in prize money.

Students were supported by industry mentors to expand their horizons and tackle the complexity of interdisciplinary design to help shape our cities of tomorrow.

Giving Thanks

The seminar series and student competition were funded through the Port Phillip Bay Fund (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) and delivered in partnership with LOCI Environment & Place Inc, E2Designlab and the University of Melbourne.